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My Daytona Cartoon
Summertime Cartoon
Love the Green today
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If you like picures and doing neat things with them
here are some things I like to do. I love making cartoon pictures
from my portraits. To me it brings out more details.
Hope you enjoy them as much as I had fun making them.

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" 911 A Cowards Attack "

USA Firemen
A Tired Marine
A Time to Take our Stand
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That fatefull day nine eleven,
a day that scattered our heavens.
All was at peace then came attacks,
from cowards behind our backs.
Fright had only just begun,
wanting the Whitehouse and Pentagon.
Both Towers under the test,
from terrorists on their quest.
A husband on the phone to his wife,
saying goodbye to her for life.
All on his plane made their block,
when someone shouted,"Let's Rock!"
Firemen and Policmen lost their lives,
hard as they tried few survived.
Husbands, wives, sisters, brothers,
aunts, uncles, children smothered.
Holding hands jumping to fate,
their escape was too late.
Our country never the same,
the search is on for Saddam Houssein.
Well as we all know this animal has been captured as of the day of December 13th which was our day of," Victory of Operation Red Dawn." I truly hope this keeps America stronge than ever and helps us to teach our children to stand stronger than ever. They are Our Future of America!

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Make today a memory too~

My Cartoon of a Shy Hello
A Nice day to relax
My new nose peircing day
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September 27th 2006~ A Memory too~

Whatever today may bring let it stay in your heart.
let it be a special thing, make it a new start.
Don't let life get you down life is just that long.
Wear a smile not a frown stand firm and strong.
Don't worry about tomorrow for it may never come.
bring not yourself sorrow your life may come undone.
So do something kind have fun and you'll see.
you too will find this special day to be a memory.


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